Based in Kinsale, Decades of Experience

Casey Meraz has been helping companies thrive at SEO

Since 2004 Casey Meraz has been helping companies thrive with effective SEO in the most competitive markets.

Casey is the best selling author of “How To Perform The Ultimate Local SEO Audit” on Amazon, a regular contributor to MOZ, and regular speaker on the local search speaking circut.

He is widely regarded as an SEO Expert and has spoken internationally at SMX, Big Digital, SearchCon, State of Search, ABA, and many more engagements.

Unlike other “SEO Experts”, Casey is a true practitioner who is always testing and striving to stay ahead in a competitive industry.


Casey Meraz


Casey is the founder of Ethical SEO Consulting, Juris Digital, Kinsale SEO, and Investor.

When Casey is not focused on SEO he enjoys traveling the world, boating, and enjoying a glass of wine.

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