Proven SEO services in Ireland


Have you struggled to reach customers online without paying a fortune? 

Are you disappointed by your online marketing? Does your website struggle to convert visitors into profitable customers?

How much time and money have you wasted on uncertain experiments? Are you worried about losing more money on dubiously qualified marketing companies?

Kinsale SEO’s founder, Casey Meraz, has succeeded at getting companies to the top of search results for over 25 years – in some of the most competitive markets in the world.

Casey was the Director of SEO services for Intuit, a Fortune 500 company, before founding his own SEO company in 2009. Casey now has over 50 employees and a large portfolio of happy customers in both the United States and Ireland.

Kinsale SEO has a top-notch team with all of the skills, experience, and resources necessary to get any company (big or small) to the top of any market. We have success stories ranging from local pubs to publicly traded multinationals.

Success in Ireland and the United States

[logo] Silva Injury Law increased new cases by 60% after working with Kinsale SEO’s team.

[logo] MerchantOS climbed to the top of US searches and was acquired by Lightspeed Retail (LSPD).

[logo] Ottinger Law tripled their organic traffic in just 12 months with our help.

[logo] Kitty O’Se’s dominated pub and music searches in Kinsale after working with our team.

[logo] Vantage Group Legal grew from zero to dozens of new clients per month.

[logo] Smartzone’s organic traffic increased by 74% in just 4 months.

Entrust your business to the best team in Ireland

Why take unnecessary risks with lesser qualified SEO companies? Kinsale SEO’s team has consistently dominated some of the most challenging search markets in the world. We know what it takes to get the job done safely and efficiently. Choosing to work with us is a smart move because you’ll get exceptional results for bog standard pricing.

“Stand back and let the dog see the rabbit”

Kinsale SEO’s team is ferociously competitive, and will do what it takes to get your business to the top of your market. We take our reputation very seriously – and it’s built on the results we produce.

Working with us means you can stand back and trust, based on our team’s reputation, that we’ll get the job done at a superior standard.

Enjoy the benefits of outranking your competitors

Over 75% of business goes to the top 3 ranking businesses, and the #1 result garners almost 40% of organic customers.

Everyone else eats the scraps.

Kinsale SEO will get you more (and higher quality) customers by driving your business to the very top of your target markets. Wave goodbye to your competition on your ascent.

We strictly limit our clients per market

For larger markets we limit ourselves to 3 clients, and for most markets we limit ourselves to a single client. You’re paying us to rank at the top (you will) and we don’t want our clients competing against each other.

This means you have a limited opportunity to hire us, and you will be our focus.

If your competitors hire us first, you may not be able to work with us in the future.

Test our work before making a commitment

Contact us within 20 days and we’ll provide a full SEO audit with a detailed action plan for €99 (normally €499). We’ll analyze your market, competitors, and tell you exactly what you need to do to climb to the top of rankings – with a 100% money back guarantee.

What you’ll receive:

  • Market report with keyword recommendations, search volumes, and difficulty ratings for each keyword (where you need to succeed).
  • Analysis of your top competitors (who you need to beat).
  • Detailed plan of action listing exactly what needs to happen (how to beat them).

You’ll have everything you need to succeed. 

We’re confident that you’ll want to continue with us after seeing the quality of our work.

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Move quickly, before your competition does

Kinsale SEO strictly limits its clients by market, and it’s only a matter of time until one of your competitors notices our work and hires us. When that happens, we will no longer be accessible.

Our 100% money back guarantee means there’s zero risk in exploring the quality of our work – and establishing a connection with us before your competition.

One last thing…

Wouldn’t it make you proud to look back, in a year, with pride as your business grows faster than your competitors by dominating searches? To know that you’ve invested in work that will continue to produce revenue indefinitely? Work that will permanently increase the value of your business?

On the other hand, wouldn’t it be mortifying to look back at having missed this (zero risk) opportunity to work with us? To see us sign an exclusive contract with a competitor? To watch them overtake everyone (including you) in your market? To know that you had the opportunity to reverse all of those outcomes right now – at this very moment?

Are you ready to verify the quality of our work, and to start climbing the ranks?

What do you say?

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100% guarantee

Remember…we’re offering you a €499 service for just €99 (80% off), and we’re including a 100% money back guarantee if you’re less than satisfied. There’s no risk. We’ve been doing this long enough to be confident in our results.